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Link round-up to 6th August

As this is a sparkly brand new blog, I’ve been catching up on things that have happened in Nottingham via the magic of RSS which I’d heartily recommend doing yourself (Google Reader is a super-easy reader to use).   Here’s the things I missed before that are still kinda interesting:

The Way of the Gun – Carl Fellstrom
Carl Fellstrom
is a Nottingham-based writer and journalist who last year released Hoods, a book about the gun and gang crime that has afflicted Nottingham over the past few decades. In the wake of the first shooting in Nottingham in three years, he sent this open letter to the Nottingham public via Left Lion.

NottTuesday August 11th Event
NottTuesday, the networking group for Nottingham’s digital, high-tech and web entrepreneurs is having a more low-key meet-up this month with drinks in Bluu from 6.30pm as founder Adam Bird has broken his collar-bone, poor thing. Get well soon Adam!

New East Midlands Tech Group
Matt Southall, a local web developer has set up a new Google group especially for Nottingham developers:

I’d like the focus to be very much on tech discussion.. questions and discussions about regex, apache config, javascript, CSS etc… rather than networking and the business side. Not to say that some of us techies aren’t also business owners but, for me at least, tech is something I enjoy and running a business is something I do because I have to in order to have the tech job I want :)

Nottingham Contemporary due to open November 14th
Our dazzling new Lace Market gallery, much delayed, will finally open its doors Nov 14th. A prize if anyone knows when it was originally suppose to open, or how much over budget the build was.

Hand-stitched birds earn Katt top design award
Animator, model-maker and illustrator Katt Jones is celebrating after winning the ‘New Designers Hallmark Cards Award’ at the annual graduate showcase, New Designers in London. Katt, who has just finished a graphic design degree at Nottingham Trent University, won the award after impressing judges with a row of tiny hand-stitched birds which she created as part of project exploring the work of 19th Century poet Edward Lear.  She’s also inspired by Tim Burton and Nick Park.  Strange and beautiful stuff.

Student radio star is new voice of BBC Radio 1
Nottingham Trent University’s student radio station manager and future Students’ Union president, David Walker, has been chosen as the new voice of BBC Radio 1. “I’m now the male voice for all their daytime production and I’ve been to the studios to record it all, so when you hear snippets such as ‘This is Radio 1’, it’s me!”

Startup Diary – Fund Raising for a Video Game Company
Former Monumental Games guy and now Director of social gaming company Simple Life Forms, Alan O’Dea talks through the considerations he’s had raising finance, particularly given the recession.