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Dr Sketchy's anti-art school – images from first event

There’s some divine online art coming out of the recent launch of the Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School (Nottingham branch) curated by none-other than CreativeNottingham‘s own Charlotte Thomson and burlesque artist Scarlett Daggers. It’s a fun-looking shinding where life drawing meets cabaret taking place in a club environment. Check out the photos and review over at LeftLion for event details.

Here’s some of the daubings from the August launch event:

Rikki from The Shop, the very smart creative retail and studios in Canning Circus, captures beautifully the sharpened-pencilled anticipation in the room:

Pixeherder, a video games artist who despite discomfort with non-digital media delightfully captures the compere’s moustache:

Jake Gumbleton
‘s talks about and shares some of his fast 5-min sketches from the night:

The next Dr Sketchy is on October 3rd.

If you go to the next event, please add links to your images/blog in the comments.  I’m liking the idea of this ‘collective memory’ from a collective art event.

Images copyrighted to artist’s noted.