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Wheel of fortune: Nottingham's Raleigh bike exhibition online

Raleigh is one of the great bastions brands, as synonymous with great bicycling as it is with Great Britain.  I was charmed to see this new online exhibition of images of bicycles, adverts, historic notes and product catalogues which accompanied the major exhibition ‘Wheels of Fortune: The Story of Raleigh Cycles of Nottingham’ which was at the Weston Gallery, Lakeside Arts Centre, University of Nottingham from April to August 2008.

I’d date myself as a BMX bandit generation, which is one of the least elegant Raleighs.  Envious though of this uber-cool Raleigh chopper lady:

An online exhibition is a great, low cost way of reaching a wider audience and creating a legacy around an exhibition.  Hats off to Nottinghamshire County Council for making Wheels of Fortune available on their website.  In future days I long for a community-friendly, commentable online expo.

Images c/o Notts County Council