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Nottingham Contemporary: elegant window dressing?

As we all eagerly await the opening of Nottingham Contemporary on 14th November, an exhibition by Lisa Anne Auerbach provides some visuals in the window while we await the opening of the gallery’s doors with “Take This Knitting Machine and Shove it“.

History, politics and humour entwine in the radical knitwear of artist Lisa Anne Auerbach. For her exhibition in the window of Nottingham Contemporary she has woven the city’s rebel heritage into the contemporary feminist movement.

This exhibition can be seen all day in the window of the building at Weekday Cross, Lace Market from 12th September to 18th October.

Meanwhile, there is unrest in artists’ reactions to the new landmark gallery, or rather concern about how it is connecting with the work of Nottingham practitioners.  We’d previous reported that Daniel Rose had been seeking information on the gallery’s costs and remit.  He’s now launched a Facebook group for a free discussion on Nottingham Contemporary. There’s a rich and intelligent discussion taking place there on many aspects of the project, from the original plans, censorship of comments, overspend, how the project is (or rather isn’t) consulting with local artists, what its provision will be for performance and digital media and uncertainty over what the gallery’s focus will be.