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Play, tea and cakes, oh my…


This Thursday, 1st October, marks the third meeting of Gambling Lambs. The monthly celebration of all things playful is fast becoming a popular addition to Nottingham’s creative calendar. From the website:

We’re interested in playfulness. It’s a way of exploring and learning about stuff, and tends to make us feel happier. Play can make mundane things better; give people some simple rules and they’ll suddenly come up with all kinds of competitive and creative behaviour. It fascinates us and we want more of it.

Bring stuff, meet people, play things. Board games, DS, PSP, card games, laptop LANs, pen and paper RPGs, word games, whatever you like to play, it’s welcome here (as long as it’s legal).

Got something you really want to play? Or even something you’ve made and want to test? Bring it down and we’ll help! We play games of all kinds, we like to modify and experiment with them, and occasionally we’ve designed them from scratch.

As usual, it takes place over at Lee Rosy’s Tea Room, a great little venue that creates fantastic cakes and provides excellent tea; both essential provisions for a long session. Previous pursuits have included the venerable Rubik’s Cube, Carcassonne, Khet, and plenty more.

Photo by RubberDreamFeet (Flickr)