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Nottingham Comedy Festival


You know, oftentimes I’ve strolled about our fair city and thought to myself, “Where is the laughter?” The obvious answer is Jongleurs, down on the canalside. Or the Maze. Or the Grove. But is that enough?

Some folk clearly thought not, and, as a result, Nottingham’s first ever city-wide comedy festival is launching in less than a month. Oct 30th – Nov 7th is the time frame, and 52 is the number of shows to look out for. Bunkers Hill will be the main venue, hosting some 24 events. Other funny spots include the aforementioned Jongleurs, the Playhouse, the Grove over in Lenton, the Art Organisation and more. Many of the shows were featured at the Edinburgh Festival, and tickets are cheap. So for your chance to catch Rob Rouse, Andrew Bird, Addy van der Borgh, Pat Monahan, Shazia Mirza, Stuart Goldsmith and many more, check out the website.