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Action! Talent call for DV Shorts 2009/10

CryingWithLaughterThere must be something in the air. Perhaps it’s the whole Creative October vibe. Following on from other updates we’ve given this week on deadline-looming, but interesting projects, here’s another one that calls for fairly quick responses.

EM Media has launched DV Shorts, its annual scheme for emerging and established talent based in the East Midlands. They want to bring together a group of new and established writers and writer/directors who would like to make films through the DV Shorts scheme. Initially they want to find 12-16 people with strong short film projects to be developed through the scheme. This will then lead to up to eight short films between 5 and 15 minutes in length being commissioned through DV Shorts.

Applicants must be based in the East Midlands region. You’ve got until 12 noon on Monday 2 November to apply.

More on the technical/production side? Contact the Locations team at EM Media. (Less pressing as commissioning doesn’t start until March 2010).

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