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Round-up of Nottingham bloggers

Stuart Frew of Tears of a Clown blog has done a marvellous round-up of all the bloggers he has come across in Nottingham.  Although a few are sports related and some are a little defunct, there are a fair few that caught my eye and I’ve duly signed us up to their feeds.  Many are the usual personalised nuggets or civil service-bashing rants like Nottingham is Crap – a blog I found unduly negative and indeed unproductive…better if we had an equivalent of the legendary mildly sarcastic yet wholly celebratory Birmingham – It’s Not Shit.

Nottingham creatives may be interested in reading:

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer
‘Nicola Monaghan’s news, events and general thoughts about life and writing.’
Nicola is the author of novel ‘The Killing Jar’ and she’s a 2008 Nottingham Creative Business Award winner.  She writes about what events she’s up to and some lovely little prosaic pieces that only a writer can blog.  I love her reminiscence of Goose Fair:

And when October came and you went to the fair, made yersen sick with too much candy floss and mushy peas (an appetising mix) and then the waltzers, your head snapping back as they went too fast and you screamed to make them go faster. You came away wearing your Kiss me Quick hat feeling nauseous, worn out and completely satisified with your lot.

Nottingham’s legendary answer to Banksy, a subversive street artist who also exhibits his work on his anonymous blog.

Architecture, history and commentary are well-covered in Radnor’s Nottingham

Nottingham Daily Photo
‘A photographic daily dose of my thoughts and what I see during the day around Nottingham, Beeston and sometimes further afield . The good, the bad and the amusing.”

Views of Nottingham
An occasionally updated photo blog.  This picture of the dragon sculpture in Sneinton is magnificent:

Here at CreativeNottingham we will of course be covering the best business and creative blogs out there and selected choice vignettes for your delight.  If you’re a Nottingham blogger why not drop us a line so we can add you to our radar?  Or add any links in the comments.