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A salute to Left Lion: celebrating six years of championing Nottingham culture

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s Nottingham Creative Business Awards which celebrates businesses achievements in many creative, design and media disciplines.  But a particularly big congratulations to Left Lion, the well-deserved winners of this year’s publishing and writing award.  There’s an official statement (and a montage of previous issues) on the Left Lion website.

LeftLion has been in business for six years and is a self-funded, totally independent organisation which draws upon and showcases the creativity of hundreds of Nottingham writers, photographers and illustrators in its free bi-monthly magazine and website, plus hosting music and arts events like Canning Circus Extravaganza this October.

In essence, LeftLion helps to catalyse, journalise and celebrate a lot of the people and content we link to here at CreativeNottingham, and it’s that spirit of independence and celebration we both want to develop in Nottingham.

And most importantly the content – art, photography, interviews and features – is always bloody good.  There’s been some excellent articles showcasing local creative talent in the last few weeks on their site, like:

A reflection on the first year of opening of the New Art Exchange in Hyson Green

James Findlay from Fists offers advice to other Nottingham bands trying to make it

Frances Ashton takes you on a whistlestop tour listing all the art galleries and studios in the city

Adrian Bhagat looks at four independent theatres in Nottingham

The Gig issue: a heated debate on Notts music scene with some of its prime movers

Aly Stoneman talks about the work of Nottingham Writers’ Studio

Great work guys, hope you’re still here in another six years celebrating what makes Nottingham culture so great.