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GameCity schedule announced, including Hide&Seek pervasive gaming

The full schedule for GameCity Squared, the fourth annual games culture festival is now out.  We’ve covered a fair few stories about GameCity here before but now you can study the schedule in full and plan your packed four days which could include gaming at IndieCade Europe Expo, a conference on games and health, daily yummy curry session with a curry and inspiration speaker and speakers including Masaya Matsuura – king of rhythm action game design and Jonathan Smith – creators of the much anticipated LEGO Rock Band.

This pervasive gaming event particularly caught my eye:

The Sandpit Tour: Broadway & GameCity, Nottingham
6:30-10pm, Wednesday 28 October 2009
Broadway Media Centre
Free to play!

Join Hide&Seek at Broadway for three hours of social games and playful experiences: chasing, hiding, deducing, observing, drawing, betraying and more. And it’s completely free!We’ll be playing in and around the Broadway Media Centre, with some of the best pervasive games to come out of eighteen months of the Sandpit, plus a new game from a local designer. So whether you prefer your games solemn or silly, quiet or frantic, jubilant or paranoid, there’s bound to be something for you! You can reserve a free place for this Sandpit by emailing

Pervasive gaming technologies through mobile phones, using outdoor spaces or buildings instead of a screen as your play zone, are set to be the next big thing in participatory gaming so this chance to play is not to be missed!