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Links round-up: 14-22 October

It’s October…it’s Creative October
This seems to have strangely only been announced last week but you may have seen banners like these on the lamposts in town (I spotted one outside the Vicky Centre by Burger King):

Apparently the city council have badged October as ‘Creative October’ because of the multitude of things going on this month like NottDance, GameCity and the (mysterious) launch of Antenna Digital Media Centre. For sure, there’s loads of creative stuff going on this month (but as we’re uncovering on this blog, there is every month) and it’s great to celebrate it – but a little bit of pre-marketing might not have gone amiss…

Mark Shaw’s Creative Nottingham in the Evening Post
Chair of Jupiter Design and local entrepreneur Mark Shaw has a weekly column every Monday in the Nottingham Evening Post which started this month.  They’ll also be a full page for creative industry news in the Business Post on the first Tuesday of every month. Yes dear hearts, it is a tad confusing what with all these things out there called Creative Nottingham…we see CreativeNottingham (.com) as a sort of summary of everything happening and are totally with Mark on his mission, nicely complementing what we’re doing online here with traditional media to spread the work (and we’ve given him carte blanche to share our web stories in his print column). Here’s the first article from Mark’s column featuring stories on several new music projects in the city including…

Notts Unsigned – website and blog for new music and artists
Notts Unsigned is Trent FM’s dedicated microsite for all things Notts, Musical and New governed by three commandments:

1) Thou Shalt Only Play New Music

2) Thou Shalt Only Play New Music Born in the Great County of Nottinghamshire

3) Thou Shalt Honour and Play All Forms and Genres of New Music

Hoorah!  And it’s RSS friendly too, and has podcasts and round-ups of the top gigs for new artists each week.  We look forward to reading Notts Unsigned with interest.

Photo c/o BBC News

Sculpture vandals steal Rufford’s price sheep
For anyone who, like me, has grown up in rural Notts, you’ll be shocked to hear that the ‘man and ewe’ sculpture by Sioban Coppinger has been vandalised beyond repair at Rufford Country Park. A great photo op lost – but maybe a chance to create a new work for the park in the same kind of playful spirit?

Creative Boom
Here’s a new website to promote UK creative industries practitioners with stories, news and events.  You can sign up as a contributor and use the site to promote events in your sector or area.

Light Nights Artist Commission and Shop Internship
Two fantastic opportunities have been brought to our attention by Nottingham Visual Artists: A commission opportunity for up to £2,000 for a Nottingham-based or Nottingham-born artist for the Nottingham Light Night in Feb 2010 utilising 3D, installation or digital art to exploit the theme of light.  And those wonderful folks at creative retailers and studio The Shop are seeking an intern.

Harrington Mill Open Studios 24-25 October 2009 (Private view Friday 23rd, 6.30 – 9pm)
The 18 artists in this Long Eaton studio invite you to check out their painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and collage works.  This has been a successful year for several Harrington Mill artists: Sarah Keys won the main prize at the Leicester Open and a prestigious award at the Nottingham Open. Jess Calke’s wildlife photography is increasingly being recognised for quality and is showing and selling work throughout the region.