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Links round-up: 22-23 October

Forthcoming events:

Business Link Online Marketing Conference, December 3rd
Web marketing legend Ian Lockwood has alerted us via his blog about a free one day conference at East Midlands Conference Centre (at Nottingham University) designed to get small businesses improving their online marketing skills.

Nott Tuesday network Nov 10: What does the cloud mean for your business?
Nottingham’s digital and IT network is back.  Founder Adam Bird is asking the community for ideas for speakers and topics and is willing to stump up some of the costs to get some great speakers into town.  The next event follows on from previous interest in understanding how cloud computing will effect software and online service businesses.

Hinterland symposium on site-specific art, November 26
This event looks at the evolving relationships between artists, the changing climate and new responsibilities by inviting specialists in the field of commissioning temporary site-specific art to present their practice. Alongside informal discussions with artists currently engaged in commissions for Hinterland, this one day event will question the responsibilities of artists in different situations when creating work in the public realm.


Nottingham signs a cultural agreement with Karlsruhe
The mayor of Karlsruhe in Germany and the head honcho of Nottingham Council have struck a deal to build cultural co-operation between the two twin cities.  There might be an exchange trip in there somewhere, minus the underage boozing and fagging.  I’ve no idea where Karlsruhe is or what it’s famous for – but I’m sure they think the same about Nottingham.

New art gallery opens in Castle Donnington
More usually associated with being the home of rock, enterprising Castle Donnington man Jim Tarpey has converted an old cow barn into a unique gallery. “We aim to build a reputation second to none by offering the best in contemporary painting, sculpture and installation work.”  New talent is the gallery’s main focus.