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Cheerful art…


If you’ve been feeling all gloomy at the prospect of going into the new year still in recession, or at the fact that winter is fast closing on us, or perhaps that the Christmas lights seem to be up already, then you probably need some sunshine and roses in your life.

‘Part I’ is the debut show from Nottingham artists group Sixes & Sevens, an umbrella organisation supporting diverse artistic projects and collaborations. The name of the group reflects the fact that this inaugural show has no unifying theme; rather the work adheres to a general air of optimism, eschewing the current economic and political climate. Less the existential angst of Sartre, then, and more the happy life of Epicurus. Actually, if that is the case, I’m not quite sure how the notoriously hellish and depressing Hieronymus Bosch fits in (poster image).

The private view runs Monday 9th November, 6pm-8pm, and the show runs the rest of that week, 12pm-5pm at the Surface Gallery in Sneinton.