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'Cast Offs' TV Series Shot in Nottingham

Cast Offs

A series commissioned by Channel 4 and  supported by EM Media’s locations team is about to hit our screens. Created by Jack Thorne (of Skins fame) shot on locations around Nottingham and with almost half of the production crew from the East Midlands area it seems we have a lot to be proud of. The groundbreaking series ‘Cast Offs’ follows a group of disabled people in a ‘Cast Away’ reality series style scenario and is set to be an unflinching exploration of disability life and relationships with a big dose of humour.

Mat Fraser, who plays a lead role in the series (and is thalidomide affected) has long been a mainstay of the UK entertainment scene, i have encountered him as a compere at a disability performance event in Liverpool that I helped to promote and look forward to seeing him shine on our TVs, (though i doubt his genius prosthetic arm striptease which sees him provocatively removing fake limbs will make it on air!).  His frank and upfront delivery is always a breath of fresh air and breaks down taboos and preconceptions about disability, and I have a feeling this is what Cast Offs will be all about! It’s great to see a TV series like this being produced with so much talent and support from the Nottinghamshire area! Cast Offs begins later this month on Channel 4.

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