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Nottingham – a melting pot of cultures

New Art Exchange Exhibition


This month sees Nottingham as host to two exhibitions exploring our wonderdul varied cultural identities.

The New Art Exchange hosts an exhibition of  Pardhan Gond Paintings
by Venkat Raman Singh Shyam and Rajendra Kumar Shyam.

The exhibition runs from Fri 6th November to Sat 19th December.
In their own words

“This wonderful style of paintings are the living expressions of the people of the Gond tribal communities of India… Traditionally Gond art uses the walls and floors of these communities’ houses as a canvas, and are not just mere decorations, but also a manifestation of their spiritual sentiments and devotions…Starting in the early 1980’s, some Pardhan Gonds began depicting deities, myths and nature scenes using commercial paper, canvas, ink and acrylic paints – thus inventing a new, hybrid art combining traditional subject matter with modern media and non-tribal patronage. .”

Coming from a established artistic background Venkat Raman Singh Shyam and Rajendra Kumar Shyam are now established Pardhan Gond artists in their own right. This exhibition will display some of their newest work.

New Art Exchange
39-41 Gregory Boulevard

Korean Wave in Nottingham

Nottingham Trent University will be hosting a month long Korean cultural festival, showcasing music, art and film from the country, in association with the Korean Cultural Centre UK.  The aim is to make Nottingham more aware of Korea’s rich but often under-appreciated history of arts and culture.

The festival started on November 1st with ‘Korea’s 21st Century Music: There and Now ‘ at the Royal Concert Hall, a musical recital of authentic Korean music. It continues with

‘Mind map, Mind the Gap’ Exhibition
from November 2nd – 20th
The exhibition is the first showcase of antique Korean maps in the UK and features work by 5 South Korean artists and their interpretations of these maps. The exhibition is open to the public and a great chance to get a taste for Korean history and be inspired by the beauty of it’s art.

Waverly 1851 Gallery
Nottingham Trent University,
School of Art and Design,
Waverley Building,
Waverley Street,
Nottingham, NG7 4HF

The Korean Film Festival
to be held at the Broadway Cinema from November 16th – 18th will be a real treat for fans of Korean Film making (like me!). For those yet to be initiated take this great opportunity to see some truly innovative cinematic delights. A full schedule of events and further information can be found on the Nottingham Trent University Website

If those aren’t enough reasons to leave your arm chair on a cold winters day I dont know what is!

Images –    1 – Artwork from the Pardhan Gond Exhibition at New Art Exchange  2-Work by Dr Seong Heon Kim, to be shown at Mind Map, Mind the Gap