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Meet Creative Nottingham at Nott Tuesday, Dec 8th

If you’d like to come and meet the ladies and gents responsible for the CreativeNottingham blog who are usually to be found hidden away behind their laptop, come along to the next Nott Tuesday event:

Tuesday Dec 8th, 6.30-8.30pm
Downstairs at Bluu, 5 Broadway, Nottingham, NG1 1PR

Nott Tuesday was established by local mobile tech entrepreneur Adam Bird earlier this year as a network to connect and celebrate Nottingham’s burgeoning digital, tech and IT industries.

I’ve been to most of their events – which range from semi-formal talks and presentations to interesting group discussions, with a few social drinks in between – and I’ve always been suprised by the range of people (all friendly types) and different faces attending every month.

November’s event on ‘What Does The Cloud Mean For Your Business?‘ (hint: it’s about online services not a comment on Notts’ inclement weather) was good fun with about 40 business folks – from programmers and social media types to tech entrepreneurs – in attendance.

The final event of the year is all about social media, featuring the awesome social media expert Phil Campbell, myself representing CreativeNottingham followed by a group discussion: ‘Social Media, lovely but where’s the money for my business?’.

I’m going to be introducing CreativeNottingham to Nott’s technorati and hope to encourage them to submit their stories, news (and gossip) to us so we can start linking up the tech with the creative folks of this here town.

I’m also going to talk a bit about our plans for 2010, which include:

  • Bringing in guest bloggers to the site (are you interested in contributing?  Please get in touch)
  • Expanding the editorial to include more user stories and a wider range of sectors (especially tech/digital)
  • An event to showcase the blog and some of Notts best talent and start to network Nottingham creatives
  • New services and features for advertisers and employers

I should say, nothing is set in stone and actually a lot is more ideas at this stage, and myself and the rest of the CreativeNottingham editorial team are keen to get some feedback from you, dear readers.

How do you see us developing Creative Nottingham?
What do you want us to do more (or less) of?

Before you start requesting a War and Peace style editorial campaign, bear in mind CreativeNottingham is a voluntary project (there’s no state funding for us, unlike a lot of creative industries projects)  and we’re relying on having more volunteers to do bigger and better things.  If you want to contribute (we could definitely do with our own in-team social media guru and another editor at the moment) please get in touch.

Or collar me at December’s Nott Tuesday and let’s have a good ‘ol natter.

Hope to see some of you there – add your name and Twitter handle in the comments if you’re coming.