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Nottingham is experiencing a Creative Boom

We’ve previously featured in CreativeNottingham the launch of Creative Boom, a new website to promote creative industries in the UK.  I was delighted to see NTU graduate Adam Kirkman has created a plethora of short features articles for the website, including:

An intro to The Art Exchange: “Perhaps most note worthy is the venue’s recycle scheme where the general public are urged  to bring in unwanted items and take away whatever may be useful. Now collecting paint, wood, books, clothes, computers, building material.”

A profile of Dance4: “A unique voice in the UK dance sector, their work supports artists and practitioners who are interested in the development of dance within performance and learning environments.

35 Years of Printmaking at Coriander Studios: Exhibition at the Harley Gallery, Tuesday, 3 November 2009 – Thursday, 24 December 2009, “Specialising in the techniques of silkscreen and digital printing, Coriander has built a towering reputation for producing work of a consistently high standard – clearly rewarded by the continued patronage of more than 500 international artists over 35 years.”

A review of Pink and Lilly’s Lace Market boutique: “Boned and lined corsets come in high quality French stretch satin in a selection of classic and contemporary colourways with loads of detailing to create original pieces that are seriously sexy.”

A feature on BAFTA-award winning pupeteers Hands Up Puppets: Marcus Clarke and Helena Smee from Sherwood have won a BAFTA for their pupeteering work on ‘Bookaboo’.

There are many other articles on the Creative Boom Nottingham channel.  Way-to-go Adam!  Sadly I can’t work out how to sign up to alerts for new articles, but we’ll keep tuned in for any exclusives.