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Links round-up:16th-17th December


Retina Youth Dance Residency & Audition – 21 – 23 Dec
Retina Dance Company is searching for the 2010 Retina Youth Dance Company through a Christmas residency and audition led by Filip Van Huffel and Matthew Slater.  It’s open to East Midlands dancers from age 15 to 20.

Web 2.0 In Your Business Workshop
Ingenuity Gateway are holding a workshop on Web 2.0 In Your Business on 21st January 2010. The course is will be delivered by Christopher Barnatt, Associate Professor of Computing and Organisations at Nottingham University Business School, and recent presenter of the “Challenging Reality” TV series on Sky.  I heard him talk recently at an Ingenuity event and he’s a very clever chap who offers some solid, actionable advice for businesses.

Dot To Dot Festival – Nottingham May 30th 2010
This 2009 sellout festival is back in 2010, taking place in Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester. Last year it featured the likes of Friendly Fires, Mumford & Sons, Ladyhawke, Little Boots and Patrick Wolf so expect similar new and upcoming artists this year too.


New Facebook group: Creative Notts
This new group on Facebook is already attracting quite a following: based at The Shop in Canning Circus, the group’s mission is  about all creative minds coming together in one space. (Not to be confused with our own Creative Nottingham Facebook group for this site…it does all get confusing with the many ‘creative’ and ‘nottingham’ projects going on!) We’ll dig out more details and let you know their plans.

An architect’s view of Nottingham Contemporary gallery
Lace Market-based architect Allan Mulcahy expresses admiration for the building’s celebration of plainness with a twist, but expresses some reservations.

Official trailer out for new Robin Hood film
Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator) has re-made Robin Hood with Russell Crowe (no Costner, Flynn or tights this time).  Originally due to be titled ‘Nottingham’ making a new spin on the old tale by showing it from the Sherriff’s view, it seems to have been, rather originally been titled ‘Robin Hood’.  Out May 2010, it will hopefully lead to more confused tourists in town asking how to get to Sherwood Forest and wondering why the Castle is so shit.

Nottingham selected for England’s 2018 World Cup bid
If England win the World Cup bid, Nottingham may see a new football stadium for Nottingham Forest that will bring £130M into the local economy.  Will it double-up as space for other cultural events?  We think not.