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It's cold outside…

Items for cold weather
…and here we are in the cold (very cold!) January light. Christmas and New Year are fading memories, and the cold (very cold – I can’t emphasise how cold I am!) days of January stretch out before us. If you’re back at work this week, take some solace in knowing that everyone probably feels the same way you do… Your friends at Creative Nottingham are here too, with hot nuggets of Web 2.0 news to warm your cockles!


They’re having a busy January over at Connected Nottingham – in addition to posting up a video of their ‘Social Media for the Public Sector’ event, they have a whole programme of useful-sounding workshops and briefings coming up in the next month or so:

So, you might not be able to feel your toes this month, but at least you’ll have plenty to distract you till the ground thaws again…