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Chilly out? Stay in, do website.

Web Design

With all that cold weather going on all over the country, what better time to address your business’ website? Much more civilised than going to look at an actual, geographical site, in that you can sit on a chair in the warm with a cup of tea and a slightly stale mince pie.

Following yesterday’s announcements about upcoming workshops, we have another to add to the list today. Nick Hayward, director of FCS Web Design, will be hosting a seminar this Wednesday, 6th January at Shaw’s, Broad Street, in Hockley. Nick will be touching on a number of topics, including different types of website (ecommerce, information, etc), branding and logo design, the importance of copywriting, and that holy grail of the web, search engine optimisation (to the uninitiated, SEO = “if we optimise it, they will come.”).

Nick’s a very genial chap and very good at what he does, so if you feel like stepping into the swirling blizzards, drop him a line or just come on down.