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New Year Roundup

So many events, so little time.

Apply for these:

  • Your 15 minutes of fame are calling. Channel 5 are looking for successful small businesses for a new TV series, in which they will attempt to show how you can beat the recession. Selected businesses will receive advice from one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs (apparently) and the ultimate aim of the show is to create a strategy to drive your business forward. If you’re interested, get your skates on – there is a questionnaire that needs to be completed and returned by the end of the week! Contact Creative Greenhouse for more information.
  • The very grand-sounding Trilateral Stageplay Festival is accepting scripts for their first festival, to be held in June 2010 here in Nottingham. The brainchild of Daniel Hallam and Richie Garton of Halden Theatre, and Richard Pilgrim of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio, the festival is open to all residents of Nottinghamshire. To quote, “if you have a script in your head, we want to read it!” Bold words indeed. They aren’t looking for any one style or genre, so if you’ve been penning your science-fiction-Greek-tragedy-satire in outer-space, send it in, you never know… The festival will become an annual event here, so don’t miss your chance to be part of something new. For more information see the Nottingham Writers’ Studio website, email Trilateral, or contact: Aly Stoneman, NWS Coordinator, Nottingham Writers’ Studio, Sutton Place Business Centre, 49 Stoney Street, Nottingham NG1 1LX

Visit these:

  • Also courtesy of Creative Greenhouse, there is a free event over in Chesterfield on Thursday 28th January, “Pricing in a Cold Climate”. It will investigate setting prices for products and services, the pros and cons of adjusting prices to the economic climate, and other such crucial issues. The event will be led by David James Ross, who has worked as a writer, photographer and musician, and who also specialises in lecturing, training, and consulting in the creative industries. RSVP to Creative Greenhouse to receive all the juicy info.
  • Lost and Found is the first in a series of events focussing on the rediscovered, being held over at Nottingham Contemporary. Speakers include some real bastions of Nottingham culture: long-time Selectadisc manager Jim Cooke, and Ian Gardiner, manager of the Garage Club talking about the formative years of the Nottingham club and music scene, as well as Joanna Robinson on the theatrical uses of market Square in the 19th Century, and Pauline Lucas on the impact of artists’ group the Midland Group on the city. It’s this Thursday, 7th Jan, at The Space. See Nottingham Contemporary for more information.
  • Finally, if you’re interested in the theatre but can never get out to see productions, or don’t have anyone to go with, there’s a group you’ll want to check out. Nottingham Playgoers are a group who, surprisingly, are based in Nottingham and go to plays. Trips can be to such outlandish places as Leicester, Stratford and even London. The group read through and analyse texts together so you can be sure to get more than just an outing out of it. See the website for more information.