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Sorry about the pun, but rest assured, I’m not about to go into writing for comedy.  I will keep scrabbling around the internet for more information about new goings-on in Nottingham, however. One of these searches recently uncovered the marvellous Miss Imp comedy group.  They hold weekly improv comedy jams, as well as a monthly public show! Check out the website – it’s full of weird and wonderful comedy stylings, and you won’t believe the Gregor Mendel Rap. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it…

If you have more comedy bones in your body than I, then do get down to the weekly improv every Thursday at 19:30. If you’re more of a passive chuckler, the next show will be on the evening of 29th January. It’s all held over at the Art Organisation, which very quickly seems to be becoming a real vibrant addition to the Nottingham scene.