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Festival Of Innovation Dates Announced


As we all know, innovation in business is important at the best of times, it goes without saying that it becomes even more vital to ‘think outside the box’ when you’re dragging your business through and out of a recession. So, you’ll be pleased to hear that dates have been announced for the Fourth annual East Midlands innovation Festival also know as ‘iFestival‘.

This years iFestival will take place between 12th March and 23rd April 2010, with details of key events and speakers to be announced soon.

If iFestival has passed you by in past years, it’s general aim is to engage a diverse range of people, from all business sectors, communities and age groups. The celebration is co-ordinated by East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA) and East Midlands Innovation, a Regional Science and Industry Council founded by EMDA.

Last year local design led childrens tableware designers ‘Piccy Products’ won £10k of business support for innovation, to develop their business concept.

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