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Valentine's Ahoy

We are swiftly approaching that date in the year that is dreaded by singletons and males alike. That’s right, it’s the feast day of St Valentine in a couple of weeks, where we celebrate several otherwise anonymous Christians who were martyred (read=hanged, crucified, burned, set upon by wild animals, stoned, or a combination thereof) in the 3rd century CE. Normally, we celebrate this pageant by exchanging gifts or cards; in effect saying, ‘I do not wish to horrifically murder you like those poor saps were murdered’ to our nearest and dearest.
We’ve already talked about Nottingham Craft Mafia’s contribution to the day – happening this very evening – and now they’ve gone and sweetened the deal with this nifty, crafty, make-y-yourself-y card! So if you were ever tempted to make the Blue Peter Tracey Island, give this one a shot, your other half will thank you for it (it’s also much more appropriate than Tracey Island – best leave that one for Easter).

PS guys – this will go down a lot better than a bunch of garage forecourt flowers at 21:30 on the 14th…