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Links roundup 10-13 Feb: Seeking your Light Night experiences, American Stars and flying pigs

Photo by Crckls on Flickr

So who made it the awesome sensation that was Light Night last night?  My personal highlights include can-can dancing neon skeletons at The Galleries of Justice, steampunk aliens at the Pit & Pendulum and tweeting birdsong and spinning lights at Nottingham Castle.  But there was just such an array of glow-in-the-dark culture fest, I bet everyone saw a different side of it.  We’ll be doing a collective memory of the best bits online next week.  If you’re blogging or uploading stuff online, use the hashtag #lightnightnotts to share your experiences.

Designer Makers Cockpit Arts Award
The Cockpit Arts Award is designed for a talented designer-maker who has been in business for at least 3 years; already has established markets for their work and a proven track record but is seeking help to take their creative business to the next stage. Deadline: 1st March.

Arts Council Consulation
Laura Dyer, Executive Director, Arts Council England, East Midlands is inviting your views on the Arts Council priorities for the next ten years.  Apparently five year plans are old hat in the impossible to predict digital age…

Broadway American Stars Course
OK I’m going to whinge now.  Broadway – you’re a public venue with a remit to be accessible: please sort out your archaic and dire website.  I get lots of interesting press releases on your mailing list about great courses and event, but I’ll be damned if I can the stuff on your website, which doesn’t even have a search function.  There appears to be  a blog with totally different info that’s hardly ever updated. I’ve resorted to posting your email to the CreativeNottingham Community site hosted by Posterous to include news on this site, but you seriously need to sort it out.

And relax…

This is a new course at Broadway on American Stars which will span from the 1930s through to the 1970s. In each week of the course one male and one female star, synonymous with each decade, will be chosen, illustrating changes in stardom as well as the films of the era under discussion.

And finally…

If pigs could fly – a lovely photo of the inspiring mural outside The Art Organisation next to Nottingham Train Station, with some thoughts on the power of creating from CreativeNottingham blogger Camilla on her copywriting blog Copymatters.