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Lord Stafford Awards applications open

Like the ideal mix of eggs, milk, flour and butter, clever combinations can lead to delicious things. So we wanted to let you know that it’s a good time to start applying for the Lord Stafford Awards. Behind the fancy title is an award that recognises great partnerships between businesses and universities. If you’re working with an East Midlands-based university, this could be your chance to get recognised for your achievements! The deadline is 12pm on the 29 April. 

The categories are:

Innovation in Development: a business/individual that can demonstrate the greatest impact or potential impact for a product or service they have developed in association with an East Midlands University.
Innovation Achieved: a business which demonstrates the greatest potential for a product or service it has developed in association with an East Midlands University, where the product or service has been prototyped and is market-ready.

Innovation for Sustainability: for a business which can demonstrate either new products or services that contribute to sustainable development (economically, environmentally or socially), or who have implemented change in the company itself. Any contribution must be in association with an East Midlands University.

Image courtesy of Rubyran