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Links round up: aliens, penguins and more, oh my

Image courtesy of Notts Indymedia: graffiti artists Oxygen Thievez finish their work at the side of the shop in Major Street, off Mansfield Road.

Today: Nottingham H.O.U.S.E comes together

More than a year’s hard work was apparently put to the test today when three sections of a student built, prototype, solar-powered house were craned into place. A team of students from The University of Nottingham are going to represent Britain in the first ever Solar Decathlon Europe — an international house building competition featuring sustainable solar architecture.  The Nottingham H.O.U.S.E is competing against 19 other universities from across the world to design, build and test drive Europe’s most energy efficient home.

Wanted: People to dress penguins

PPPpick up a…oh, right it’s not that kind.  When I say penguins, I mean penguin suits. Apparently Fluxedo are looking for people to take part in their competition to create fun, innovative designs for their range of tuxedo shirts. The winning designers will be rewarded financially with a £3 commission for up to 100 shirts with their design if/when it sells. There will be more than one winner as they’re looking for a team of designers who would like to work with them on a freelance basis in the future. March 5 is the deadline for submissions.

Also wanted: Extraordinary women

Do you know a woman who inspires people? Can you think of someone who deserves recognition for her hard work? Now is the time to nominate a woman you know for the Extraordinary Women awards. You have until next Friday.

 …And a ScreenLit Festival Social Media Volunteer

The Broadway Cinema is looking for someone obsessed with film and social media to help spread information about its ScreenLit festival regularly on all the major social networks, seeking out relevant stories and sharing news. Details here.

Starting tomorrow: Science fiction workshops for writers

Tomorrow is the first of three workshops at the Nottingham Contemporary on this series of workshops for writers at all stages exploring radical and political science fiction. Details here.

Get Away with Words: New weekend workshop for writers

The weekend of Saturday February 28 to Sunday February 29 sees the start of a new workshop for writers. Away With Words is an inspiring weekend workshop which explores the techniques of scriptwriting. Playwright Amanda Whittington and director Esther Richardson help writers to create strong characters, develop plot and identify the story only they can tell.

Aliens in Nottingham?

Have you ever seen any extra terrestrial activity in Nottingham? Well you’re not alone. Sketches of local alien invasions were among the UFO sightings reported to the Ministry of Defence. The MoD recently released previously top secret files to the National Archives, where they are now available to the public.  This fifth online UFO release is the largest to date, containing 24 files and totalling more 6,000 pages of material, spanning from 1994 to 2000. The files are available to download for free for a month.

Test your Nottingham knowledge

How well do you really know Nottingham? Test your local knowledge here. Clue: it’s quite easy…

A Questionmarc protest

Nottingham’s answer to Banksy struck again recently with a visual comment about a business operating in the city