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Are we all photographers now?

The publicity for the next week’s exhibition at the Angel Row Gallery, above the Central Library in Nottingham (15-18 March, open 9-5) offers another chance to consider what is the difference between “proper”, “artistic”  photography and what you and I do on our phones.  This exhibition is about Public Space and Private Lives, I am looking forward to seeing their view, captured, of things I see without a viewfinder.

The Lakeside Arts centre regularly feature photography.  The first recipient of the NTU/Hive/Djanogly Bursary, Kelly O’Brien is exhibiting in the small Wallner Gallery from mid-April.  Her show is photographic portraits of individuals on the fringes of society.  And there are further shows at Lakeside later in the year.

If you want your photographic fix delivered to you, subscribe to the Nottingham Daily Photo blog, which also has links to “daily photo” feeds from other cities.  Are these less “artistic”?  You may have contributed a photo of Light Night to our collection. Are these “artistic”?

Answers in the comments, please, and I’ll see you at Angel Row next week.