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MediaCampNottingham March 27th: Your platform to talk and learn about creative media

You may remember last week we announced that CreativeNottingham are the media partners of MediaCampNottingham.  We will be helping to promote the event as well as live reporting on this site from all the action for the day.

In a nutshell: MediaCamp is a one day event to share, explore, challenge and build understanding in digital media of how the Internet can be a valuable asset to everyone.

It’s taking place at:

Saturday March 27th 2010
Lace Market House
54 – 56 High Pavement
Nottingham, NG1 1HW
9.30am – 6pm

And if you haven’t already you should sign up here – it’s completely free to attend.

I’ve just spoken to MediaCamp’s chief organiser Caron Jane Lyon and the event is springing to life, making this THE media conference in the East Midlands this year!   Here’s Caron talking about the event, in interview with Phil Campbell, live streamed from MediaCamp’s venue, Lace Market House:

As Phil says in his introduction, this video is the first from the new high fibre (that’s fast broadband, not nasty cereal) TV studio in Lace Market House which Phil and Caron are currently setting up – see Phil’s test video to find out what it’s all about.  The main stage at MediaCamp will be live streamed using Lace Market House’s super fast network, making this the first major broadcast for the studio which will offer unique facilities in the city for low-cost live TV broadcasts and recordings.

Talks and seminars confirmed

At MediaCamp, the audience are the speakers – you create your own agenda making it a brilliant platform to share your knowledge on any aspect of creative media with your peers.   The session schedule already confirmed include:

  • Glenn Le Santo, – Working in the media, looking 10 years back and 10 years forward (serious futuregazing!)
  • Sylvia Presley www. – Social media ethics for NGOs
  • I’m talking about: – Help us to develop our website to connect Nottingham’s creative communities
  • Adam Sargant and John Sargent (no relation) – The anatomy of a campaign: drupal and social media activism
  • Caron Lyon – Your Doh Ray Me of Social Media

There are still slots free so if you’d like to give a presentation, host a group discussion, or use the event for your research then sign up now. There’s also going to be a live link-up to speakers from further afield via the high fibre studio – so if you, or others you know, would like to host a session, don’t let distance be a disadvantage!   Hopefully they’ll be some very exciting ‘virtual’ guests attending and a presentation taking place through virtual world Second Life.

New sponsors are soon to be announced which should make the concept of a free lunch – and indeed an entirely free event – a reality.  There’s also a fantastic option to have a creche in the afternoon for working parents, if there’s enough demand.  If you want to use the creche at the event get in touch.

What is MediaCamp?  And what on earth is a barcamp?

The idea of a barcamp is perhaps new to many people, so I wanted to explain what happens.  A barcamp, sometimes called an unconference, is a participant led conference where the audience leads the activity. Barcamps have their own rules: put simply, it’s all about participation, not watching. Barcamps are intense events with discussions, demos and interaction, a gathering of people who want to share and learn in an open environment.

Like an open space workshop, a great brainstorming method used by technologists and community groups, you don’t sit down and wait until the end – with the ‘rule of two feet’ you can move to another session, and blogging, photographing and videoing sessions are all encouraged – as long as you share them afterwards!

For most barcamps, the content of the session is decided on the day – totally spontaneous!  Mediacamp is a bit different – it’s structured in advance, so people can prepare presentations or think about what they want to discuss.   From my experience I find this helps both presenters and attendees get more out of the experience.

I’ve attended many ‘unconference’ events and hosted a few open space workshops.  I find them a far better way of learning than a traditional conference: you can find out more about the other attendees from discussions making it great for networking.  And it’s a great way of developing and verifying your ideas with other like-minded people.  What I loved about MediaCampNottingham 1 (in May 2009) was that it was a melting pot of ideas: I go to a lot of events where it’s ONLY digital people, or TV people, or education people.  There were people from the arts, politics, technology, education and media which gave a rich insight into many worlds that digital tools touch upon.

Also, if you’re like me, you probably hate that ‘any questions’ moment after a presentation, where you have to stick your hand up and hope someone with a ‘roving mic’ and the speaker notice you, then hope it’s switched on before you speak to an embarrassed hush from the floor.  For Mediacamp, the rooms and groups are smaller (rooms host between 8 – 70 people) so you can have a dialogue with others – a discussion rather than a statement and response.

How can I join in?

If you can make it for any part of the day, sign up now.  If you have a presentation or session you want to host, add the details when you sign up.

On Twitter you can follow MediaCampNottingham at: @mc_notts
Mark your tweets with the hashtag #mcn2

And if you can’t make it in person, there will be live streaming from the main hall and CreativeNottingham bloggers will be filming and uploading live blogs, video and podcasts throughout the day here on

You can download more resources about MediaCamp – a press release and flyer – on the CreativeNottingham community site.

And of course visit the MediaCampNottingham website too!

More updates on how the event is developing, and new speaker sessions confirmed, next week.