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More Stars at Star City and links roundup 9-13 March

spiral staircase inside a skeletal globe

As if the multi-media Star City exhibition at the Nottingham Contemporary is not enough, the Cafe Bar at the museum is presenting an eclectic evening of music and performance next Friday night.   The full details are on the Cafe Bar website (note that, irritatingly, this is not listed in the main Nottingham Contemporary events list), but perhaps these selections would temp you:

  • Miss Hypnotique will be playing the Theremin.  If it was good enough for Lenin…
  • Simon Raven will be performing as a ‘Star waiter’ throughout the evening offering the audience the chance to take a little piece of his costume away with them at the end of the night. To each according to his need…
  • Adam Goodge will give a performance lecture presentation uniting the works of Karl Marx and Cliff Richard.  Communism with a human face?

Why not go early and see the main Star City exhibition if have not already done so.  The exhibition is quite amazing and has attracted considerable interesting comment, such as that on Culture Wars.  The exhibition is only on until 18 April.

Honesty in publishing: at least one member of the Creative Nottingham team is performing next Friday night, why not go along and see if you can guess which?


  • There is still a week to catch the Motherland, Homeland exhibition at the Bonnington Gallery in town. 
  • Nottingham University students can have their view of a cityscape published via a competition organised by Impact magazine.  “Entries can be in any media from painting to computer graphics, from a pencil drawing to a mixed media or photographic collage.” Deadline: 29 April 2010. 



  • The East Midlands Conference Centre will be the site the Internet Conference and Exhibition 2010 in Nottingham on 14 May.  The early registration tickets are £195 and the Twitter hashtag is #TIC10.
  • Save £195 by coming to the Media Camp Nottingham II next weekend. Their hashtag is #MCN2.
  • Mediabox are putting on a free Networking Event at the Trent FM Arena on Tuesday 30 March, 1pm-4:30pm.  They want to encourage interaction and knowledge sharing amongst professionals working with young people. Lucy Sheldon, Nottingham City Council, is a confirmed speaker, talking about her experience of running the Mediabox project Beats and Brains 2.  Registration is required.

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