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Nott Tuesday, not Adam Bird

Nott Tuesday, for the uninitiated, is a monthly technology focussed meetup. It’s been running for just over a year now, and has been a great success in pulling together the community. Speakers for the event have ranged across the breadth of the technology industry, from IP lawyers to our very own Susi O’Neill.  Founded by tech veteran Adam Bird, his aim for Nott Tuesday was to get to know the many and varied technology professionals in Nottingham, and provide a platform for mutual support and knowledge sharing.

Now, after just over 13 months, Adam has stepped down from the helm. Thankfully, his event is continuing to grow and new organiser Nick Barker has managed to secure a great speaker for the next event, on Tuesday 13th April. Simon Wardley is the Cloud Computing Strategist at Canonical, and has kindly agreed to come up to little ol’ Notts for the evening. If you haven’t heard of Canonical, they’re the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, a Linux distribution that rocketed from zero to grab the largest (mind)share of the Open Source market in seemingly no time at all. Canonical and Ubuntu are firmly dedicated to pushing free software as an alternative to expensive, proprietary software such as Microsoft Windows.  Simon Wardley, in Nick’s words:

… is a hugely entertaining International speaker having spoken at The Future of Web Apps and many other Cloud events. He’ll be building on from Simon Oxley’s popular October talk, and will be looking at the economics of cloud computing commoditization and the implications for the future…

So, as Adam steps back from his project, we wish him all the best, and if this first ‘post-Adam’ event is anything to go by, the future of Notts Tuesday looks rosy…

Tuesday 13th March, 18:30 – 20:30, Bluu Bar