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Science Festival for Young Boffins

Boffin is truly a fantastic word, isn’t it? Up there on a par with dentriloquist (yes, a real word – it refers to someone who speaks through their teeth) and chum (wonderfully deceptive, calling someone ‘chum’ either means you are friends, or you think they share their qualities with ground up oily fish guts).

Anyway, as we know, Nottingham has some kind of official status as a science city – we invented the MRI, don’t you know! And by we, I of course mean every resident between Chilwell and Hucknall, not a small group of boffins at Nottingham University. That aside, there is a science festival to be held at Wollaton Hall this Friday and Saturday, 19th-20th March. It’s open to the public (schools take priority in workshops on the Friday), and you’ll be able to find out about the scientific process behind chocolate manufacturing, as well as learning about astrochemistry, and having a go at a vet school lambing simulator, which sounds rather gruesome. Said festival coordinator Sarah Pierce, of the British Science Association Nottinghamshire,

Science is not all lab coats and bench-work and I hope the activities on offer at the Nottingham Science Festival will really excite people and show the diversity of work that falls under the banner of ‘science’. Hopefully this mini festival is only the start of what will become a big annual event for our region.

Hear hear! For more information, see the festival blog,, or the iFestival site, of which this is a part.