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2-3pm session at Medicamp: Cultural Olympiad and Social Media for Marketing

Jennifer Jones
Jennifer on Twitter

Citizen media and London 2012 Olympics

Jennifer gave the Mediacampers an overview of how social media reporting links in with the next Olympics in London in 2012 and the Cultural Olympiad.  Journalists need to be accredited to get access to the olympics – it’s even harder for ‘local’ (UK) journalists to get access to report on Olympics on our own doorstep.  Citizen journalists and community reporters need to rethink what a ‘media room’ means – we don’t need a media room to operate but we do need to be collective and organised.  Citizen journalists need to think about how to access tickets and broadband to report their perspectives from the events.

The Cultural Olympiad started in Sept 2008 but not many people are aware of it.  The original Olympics were a celebration of culture and brain power.  There are opportunities for cultural organisations and groups to programme events – which can be a critique not just a celebration of the main sports events – which connect Britain to other cultures.  Not many organisations are aware there is money to bid to for delivering cultural events.  The olympics isn’t just about money being taken from the arts.

Francine Pickering – Clarity Marketing
Francine on Twitter

Social Media and Marketing

A group discussion on how social media is effecting marketing, with a particular slant on how small businesses are using social platforms.  A small business using Yellow Pages will find it hard to work out the return-on-investment on an advert, but social media is actually more measurable.  There’s a danger of people being left behind – the digitally excluded will become more excluded as a result of the uptake of social marketing tools.

Also small businesses are overwhelmed – we’re not sure what it means to do these things ‘properly’ and need further guidance.  People are confused by how much information is the right amount to reveal online as public is the new default status.  But if we don’t reveal enough personal information there’s a danger people won’t see us as authentic or we find it hard to prove our credibility in a professional context.  If Tiger Woods had live Tweeted his marriage breakdown would people have been more sympathetic?  Or would advertisers have turned off?  There’s a danger that other people will reveal our faults anyway like gossip on social networks, so it’s managing that public perception of us and our business.