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A look back at MediaCamp Nottingham 2010

Photo by walkerama: panoramic image of @lesanto‘s session (created with autostitch)

Officially Nottingham MediaCamp 2010 was a one day event. In reality, it went on for days afterwards, with conversations, interactions and discussions continuing online (see for yourself at #mcn2). This put into practice all the boundary breaking, barrier shifting and brain bending stuff that was discussed on the actual day. It’s probably safe to say that the elegant Georgian setting of Lace Market House had never seen such a convergence of social media fans, internet obsessives and techno-curious people from a whole range of fields (well since MediaCamp Nottingham 2009, anyway). Some people even kept us up to date with their journey to the event.

With a schedule that covered topics as diverse as the death of the internet, community activism and the evolution of the media, it was no wonder the day sparked so much conversation and reflection:

lesanto: “It’s good here at #MCN2, many great people bearing heads filled with ideas.”

Bear_Faced: “Ok have just attended Phil’s talk at #mcn2 about Posterous. Fairly safe to say it was a strategy and direction changing 30 minutes.”

Bear_Faced: “Shot so much video at #mcn2 today that I need another 250GB of space to empty the camcorder.”

leoniejane: “Had a great time at #mcn2 now need to process all the ideas.”

margaretburrell: “Thanks. Really enjoyed Saturday afternoon at Media Camp – cleared away some of the purple haze of social media!”

A social reporting team from CreativeNottingham was there to capture the happenings live and to write talks up for posterity. You can find photos and write ups here on the main site and on our community site. We were also there to update people about CreativeNottingham and had a great discussion with a packed out room.

Designandi expressed an appreciation for the expertise shared on the day – and the chance to meet ‘lots of lovely people’! It was that kind of event. Francine Pickering blogged about her experience of MediaCamp and summarised what she had covered in her social media and marketing session. Martin Wright wrote about his experience of the MediaCamp madness. CreativeNottingham’s Susi O’ Neill posted about her experience of social reporting on the event. Even Ben Walker, the musical star turn of the day (more of whom later) found time write up his experiences of MediaCamp Nottingham. Thank you to Helen Whitehead who highlighted CreativeNottingham in her post on the event, as well as covering the other sessions she attended (I enjoyed Helen’s own MediaCamp workshop where we got to create hypertext Haiku!). Thanks also to writer Eileen Parr who championed CreativeNottingham in her post about MediaCamp!

With so much talking and thinking going on on the day, food from HungryPumpkin was much appreciated!

The day came to an appropriately social media tinted and entertaining finish with a live performance from Ben Walker.

We got to hear the performances that made Ben a YouTube sensation overnight as well as the very infrequently aired Winkyface (relive the experience below). As mawawa put it: “It’s like Glastonbury arrived earlier and drier.”

Here’s Ben being interviewed by Phil Campbell as part of the live streaming that went on throughout the day:

If you didn’t get to speak to everyone you wanted to at MediaCamp,  make use of this handy MediaCamp Twitter contact list from PCM Creative.

Congratulations to PCM Creativephilcampbell and everyone else involved in making the event such a success! See you all at the next one!