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Circular Craft in West Bridgford

A link in one of last week’s posts alerted me to the existence of the Design Circus in West Bridgford (greenline bus 6, 7, 8, or 9 to Central Avenue, the building is opposite the Marks and Spencer’s shop).   Not quite an artists’ collective, it does provide a showcase and a shop for local contemporary craft.   I went to see for myself on Saturday.  As well as browsing the displays, I got some background information from Hannah, Trace the Rose, who was on duty. 

mosaic brooches

Mosaic brooches from Julie Vernon

The building itself is due for “re-development”, and has been taken on a short-term lease until June (so don’t delay your visit).  This may be extended, but what will happen to the group afterward is not known.  The downstairs of the former estate agent’s building has three rooms, all of which are used to display the craft and art.  One person is the official lessee for the building, some others lease space for their wares, and some artists have their work available for sale on a commission basis.

soft toy - alien

Alien from Kushdi for Kids

Several things caught my eye.  I wish Kushdi for Kids had been available when my children were of the right size to wear it or play with the soft toys.  The glass mosaics of Julie Vernon shone in the Easter sunshine.  And while I wasn’t around during pre-decimal coinage, so I don’t get nostaglic for it, I did like the use of coins by Vintage Reclaimed, and the cuff-links made from scrabble tiles.

There are 24 artists and designers listed on the Design Circus website, you will have your own favourites.  Their new website is a blog where the posts are photos and words from the individual artists.  So it serves as a glimpse of what is in the “shop”, as well as what is new there, and where the individual websites are.  The blogroll serves as a gateway to the websites of the individual artists.  The photos in this post are all from the their blog.