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Links Roundup: connecting, locating, and meeting

representation of synapse in nerve cells

Synapse Festival - Identity Image


  • The Synapse Festival 2010 will take place in a variety of venues across the East Midlands, including the New Arts Exchange and the Malt Cross Gallery in Nottingham, at different dates in April, May and June.  For those of us who have forgotten elementary biology, they explain that “Just as a synapse acts as an interface between a nerve and a cell to create activity, SYNAPSE Festival is stimulating new, distinctive cultural activity across Derby, Nottingham and Leicester, bringing together around twenty of the three cities’ most exciting artists“.
  • Art Anorak (@ArtAnorak) published and regularly updates a Google Map of Art in Nottingham with locations of major and minor galleries visibly pinned.  At the moment it is being updated every few days, and the accompanying text changes also.
  • Last December we brought you news of the British Art Show 7 this autumn in Nottingham.  Preparations continue, and you still have opportunities to get involved. There is a meeting on 14 April at the New Art Exchange to explain how you could be part of the Sideshow, the “fringe” event in parallel.


  • The War on Want Document 2010 competition, on the theme of “Crisis and change – The human face of the Economic Meltdown” comes to the Surface Gallery after its display in London.  20 – 24 April.


  • Notts County Council is hosting an event at Rufford Mill on Sunday, 25 April, to give community groups “Advice on creating public art“, including advice on how to get funding.  You need to get a ticket by 20 April.

Latest from the Community site:

  • An exciting opportunity in Lace Market House to create high quality livestream videos
    to the internet
     is offered by Phil Campbell (@philcampbell).  A chance to get help from a noted expert and consultant to Creative Nottingham.

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