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Links Round-Up: Virtual and Actual

What’s coming up in Nottingham over the next days and weeks? I’m glad you asked, actually…

Digital World

• The biggest news of the past week has to be the passing into law of the Digital Economy Bill, a highly controversial piece of legislation. Twitter has, predictably, been aflame with commentary – try looking for #debill and #deact to see what I mean. Examining the act itself goes beyond the scope of this blog, but if you’re interested – and as a digital user/business owner you really should be – Creative Nottingham’s own Susi O’Neill has posted a very interesting commentary on the act. NB, any views expressed are personal and not reflective of Creative Nottingham as a whole (disclaimer over!)

• (From the Creative Nottingham community site) The Web 2.0 Surgery returns this Thursday, 15th April, at Antenna. Theme for this session will be ecommerce, to help you get the most out of your online commerce opportunities.

Creative Nottingham now has a YouTube channel! If you’re a Nottingham content creator, let us know and we’ll favourite your work, giving you a wider platform with which to reach people. Watch this space for more exciting content in the future, too…

• Also getting all Web2.0-ey are Tether, with Tethervision (ask your nan to say that with her teeth out!) They are looking to create a series of podcasts in the form of documentary style short films, commissioned works, and more. There are ten commissions available, with budgets ranging from a massive (to an ant) £500, down to a puny (to a giant) £1. An interesting premise, the deadline for submissions is 5pm, 3oth April. See the website for more details.

Actual World

• Stop the presses! We don’t really have presses, I’m writing this on a keyboard. It’s all new-fangled electro-trickery, probably powered by devils. Anyway, there’s an event taking place tonight at the Canalhouse. ‘Pub Poetry Nottingham‘ is an informal and fun evening of strictly comic and light-hearted poetry or short stories. Read your own, or someone else’s – all readers and listeners welcome. Starts 8pm, and the beer there is excellent, which is always a bonus.

The Surface Gallery has a bunch of stuff going on, including:

• Artist Talk – Laura Taylor. Laura is currently exhibiting a solo show at the Surface Gallery. It looks very interesting; titled Speedboat Matchsticks, it derives from experiment, play and the relationship between form and function. I like the fact that it looks like what Rube Goldberg would have created had he been part of the punk movement. Laura will be speaking at the close of the exhibition, this Thursday, 15th April, 8pm.

• Call for traders! Surface are also to hold two arts and crafts fairs in May, on the weekends of 1st-2nd, and 15th-16th. Pitches are £20 per weekend, and the website does say the more eclectic the better. Now, that sounds like a challenge, to me, so when I wander down on the weekend I expect to see monkey brains in brine and a life size knitted Madonna (the pop star or the religious icon, I’m not choosy) for sale. Here’s hoping…

• Young film makers (18-24) from the East Mids are being sought to have their films screened at Glastonbury! Part of the Village Screen project, they are looking for very specific films, so if yours fits these criteria, email here for an application form:

  • Hug the Planet – supported by Natural England, in the International Year of Biodiversity, an open call for films with a strong visual narrative (not reliant on dialogue to get your story across), focussing on creative and innovative approaches to the five themes of sustainability in the natural world:

Biodiversity, Climate Change, Inclusion, Waste, Healthy Living

  • Welcome the World – an open call for silent films with a purely visual narrative, celebrating the values of the Olympic Games:

Friendship, Courage, Determination, Excellence, Equality, Respect, Inspiration

• Finally, our friends at the Nottingham Craft Mafia are holding some craft-y workshops this Sunday, courtesy of “Nottingham’s No.1 Contemporary and Specialist Knit Supplier” Knitty Gritty. So, if you’d like to learn 4-pin and circular knitting, check out the website to book!