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Back to the Future

What with the recent Star City exhibition over at Nottingham Contemporary, it seems like retrospective futuregazing is somewhat ‘in’ at the moment. Perhaps you could argue that it’s a response to the general dissatisfaction at the state of our society today, a great swell of ennui and apathy, or a frustration with identikit high streets. Whatever the reason, it’s always possible to find some sparkling gems of inspiration if you look around. One of those gems has to be the Rammel Club. Their next event is this Friday, 16th April, and, as that ’70s sci-fi flyer demonstrates, the past-future is definitely looking up.

As an aside, I read a book called Strange Attractors when I was young. I think it really affected me – somehow, introducing chaos theory to an eight year old doesn’t seem like a great idea, in hindsight…


Events happening this week:

• Tonight: Canonical’s own Simon Wardley will be speaking at Nott Tuesday; the first since Adam Bird stepped aside from the helm… Bluu Bar, 18:30

• Tomorrow night: Second Wednesday, the tech-focussed web development group, will be meeting at Shaw’s, 18:30

• Thursday night: The Web2.0 Surgery meets again in Antenna. The focus this month, ecommerce. From 17:30

With these on board and the Rammell Club too, it’s a busy week we have ahead…