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Links Round-Up: Killer Ash

Seats won by the Lib Dems during last nights debate. Not really, it's the TERRIFYING CLOUD OF ASH! Image courtesy of BBC News

After the excitement of the televised leaders’ debate last night (clue: like a posh version of the Jeremy Kyle Show) and the terror of the volcanic ash hovering over Europe (they had a big party and burnt all of our money), what better than some calming links to take you through to the weekend…

Fishing for Prospects

Favourite Nottingham internet marketing company Hallam have posted a great blog about ‘linkbait’, the practice of tailoring your articles to attract more search engine traffic. Hallam are a great example of practising what you preach – creating enough blog posts with real value to keep people coming back time and again. If you use a website to attract prospects, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Galleries and Exhibitions

The Nottingham Contemporary exhibition ends this Sunday, 18th April. If you’ve not seen it yet, take advantage of the weather and get down, it’s a very interesting, thought provoking collection.

Also, thanks to a retweet from Twitter (sorry can’t find it right now – if you were responsible give us a shout and I’ll add attribution!), we found this great list of galleries around Nottingham. What’s missing? I can’t see Tether/the Wasp Room on the list, any of your favourites not getting their due?


I hate to think that anyone would be so cynical as to go along to a free networking event just because there’s a complimentary buffet, but then who am I to judge? Just a reminder – it’s been on our Community Site for a while – that there’s a free networking event for independent businesses happening on the 20th May, 18:00-20:30 at Mercedes-Benz Nottingham, NG2 Business Park.

Now, don’t let the prospect of the TERRIFYING VOLCANIC ASH ruin your weekend, and let me leave you with this: during the leaders’ debate last night, I very much enjoyed replacing David Cameron with Cam’ron, the R’n’B star who had a hit with ‘Hey Ma’ about eight years ago…