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Links roundup: Geography and Tension continue in Nottingham


deer on a glacier against slate grey land

from Larra - the Creative Commons stream on Flickr


A volcano is one easy way to make the local geography uneven.  Whether Nottingham Contemporary expected its forthcoming exhibition to be so physically anticipated in Iceland is not known.  Uneven Geographies: Art and Globalisation,  opens on 8 May.   The one sentence summary is: 

“Uneven Geographies focuses on projects by artists concerned variously with visualising the transnational mobility of capital, goods and people in today’s global networks.”

As we have quickly come to expect from the curators and management at the gallery, there are many associated events and talks for the exhibition.  One that caught my eye is on Saturday, 15 May, Tracing Mobility: Cartography and Migration in Networked Space, part of the Radiator festival.  This will also take place in Warsaw and Berlin later this year and next, so if your expenses budget is as small as mine – book your (free) place for Nottingham as soon as you can.

The Uneven Geography will be available for almost two months.  But it is one night only for VOICE/UNDER  “an investigation into the way artists use the tension between sound and image as a tool.”  Taking place at the White Box studio on Broadway, on the evening of 7 May.  Note that tickets are not available from Broadway cinema, but at the door, or by email – details on the Creative Bloom website listing.

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