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Walking About Art in Lady Bay: Art and Community Festival

stained glass in the spring garden

Thanks to the Creative Nottingham twitter feed (@creativenotts), I know that the weekend of 22-23 May will see my favourite local art extravaganza return.  This year the Lady Bay Studios event is entitled Open Lady Bay 2010: Art and Community Festival.  Over the years the website has moved around, as the organisers have changed.  This year, so far, their website is just the simple summary. 

Lady Bay, like Sherwood, seems to have a higher than average concentration of artists.  For the weekend festival, many open their houses and workshops and you are welcome to see the displays, talk to the artists and of course you can buy what you like. In addition, in past years, other residents open their houses and host artists from outside, some from outside Notts.  This variety means there is always something new to see.  With a map from one of two exhibitions at either “end” which serve as administrative help points, or simply an urge to wander and follow the signs, all one really has to do is get to Lady Bay between 1 and 6 pm on either day. (Corporation greenline bus 11 is a good idea, car parking on the streets is not plentiful.)

Different years have seen different formats. Sometimes as well as displays in the houses, the church hall hosts several artists.  Some years there are craft activities for children and adults.  Usually there are musical events and home made cakes and biscuits at the junior school.  It is probably just as well that the school chairs are small and un-comfortable, otherwise some of us might not make it round the ful circuit, the cakes are that good.

Heading South - by Rod Bailey

Every year that I have been, the event has been popular without being too crowded in the houses, There is a nice buzz around the displays, which makes it easier to ask questions or just talk to the artists if you want to.  Most things are for sale – one year I bought a screenprint from Rod Bailey.  Rod, along with his partner, Fran Tristram, have become friends.  Another year we bought the stained glass pieces above which move, as intended, to different parts of our garden during the year.  And many members of my extended family owe their most unique birthday and Christmas presents to years when I got organised in Lady Bay.

We will probably remind you of this event closer to the time, but it is in my diary now, why not put it in yours?