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Tracing Mobility:14th & 15th May

Our virtual worlds are not innocent – the hybrid spaces we inhabit have real world consequences. These consequences change the very nature of the real world that we live in, change the very structure of the city we work in, dictate the very roads that are open for us to take. Tracing Mobility 2010

I am always excited to find out what Nottingham has to offer in terms of the arts and since the grand opening of Nottingham Contemporary I have not been disappointed. With their modern, diverse and often very reflective exhibitions, their partnership with Tracing Mobility follows their cutting edge direction and this series of events look to be highly interesting and inspirational.

As part of Radiator’s Tracing Mobility programme, Territorial Play will present the first of their three ‘International Symposia’ on Friday 14th May 12pm- 12am. Featuring work of emerging artists, this day long event offers a host of performances, screening, live music, walks and artistic intervention, which aims to annotate the Transforming Mobility Symposia at Nottingham Contemporary on the 15th May, 10am- 7pm. This stage of the event will take place at the Broadway Media Centre and other various locations around Nottingham and will offer an eclectic combination of culture, Politics and the new spaces created by electronic networks. In our rapidly developing technological era it is now rare to find someone who is not in some way using the internet to network, integrating their online and offline worlds. These weekend events are both topical and at the forefront of what is going on today translated through art.

On the 15th, coinciding with Nottingham Contemporary’s Uneven Geographies, a symposium will take place with speakers from diverse fields such as geography, urban theory and computer science. Speakers will be exploring what constitutes being nomadic these days and how networked and open-sourced infrastructures are transforming our expectations. The concept of being a nomad to me, has always conjured up images of being a tinker, a traveller, roaming from town to town which, I suppose, is more of a traditional view. I had never considered how the emergence of the internet and peoples ability to roam online, traveling from the virtual world to reality in a instance may have changed this concept and opened it to a wider meaning for all.

All events throughout the day are free so book places now and don’t miss out on what is sure to a cutting edge, cultural and creative weekend in Nottingham.