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New guest bloggers for Creative Nottingham in May and June

I’m excited to announce the launch of the latest addition the Creative Nottingham editorial team: you!

Every two week’s we’ll be welcome a brand new guest blogger from Notts’ creative community to show and tell all about their work and share their views about the creative scene in the city and beyond. Expect about four or five posts every fortnight from a diverse range of practitioners – from cultural leaders to furniture makers – with a healthy dose of opinion and attitude.

Our regular team of bloggers will continue to update you regularly with news, links and the odd article which you can subscribe to by email (top right of this page), RSS, Twitter or Facebook.

First up from May 10th we have:

Gill Williamson

Gill is a graphic designer and postgraduate research student at Nottingham Trent University studying for a Masters in Graphic Design – Branding and Identity. Gill is carrying out a really important piece of research for creatives in the city: developing the brand identity for the ‘Republic of Nottingham’. She has reached the visual stage and needs the help from the Creative Nottingham community to ensure that the brand for Nottingham has an identity that represents the people and the place.

Gill will be blogging about her research and wants your views so please do add your comments (in fact, generally please do add your comments to this blog, it helps us to know you’re listening and what you think). This is a fantastic piece of research: other bigger cities have debated then created strong brands and attractors for tourism and business (think ‘Madchester’ or ‘Glasgow Smiles Better’) so it’s about time we had a collective think about what Nottingham’s ‘brand’ would like like.

Image: Copyright Gill Williamson ‘A Creative Revolution’

Gill will introduce herself shortly but in the meantime check out her research website and Twitter profile.

After Gill we welcome as guest bloggers:

Aaron Cottrell – May 31st
Sarah Davenport – June 14th
Simon Dunn – June 28th

More on them nearer the time.

If you would like to get involved as a guest blogger find out more and get in touch. You don’t have to be a master of prose to blog: as long as you work in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire’s creative community and have something to say, we want to amplify your voice and you can help us build a stronger professional community here.

We can help with the technical stuff and you could blog with photos or video instead of writing. It really is very easy – check out my Beginner’s Guide to Blogging for a few starter ideas. Nottingham – we want to get you all blogging by the end of 2010!