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Calling All Budding Artists

This Saturday is the official opening day for the Crocus Art Gallery in Lenton, part of the award winning Crocus Cafe.

It been set up in Lenton to provide a space for artists to show their work in the community. The space, which was previously a hairdresser’s, has been abandoned for a number of years and we want to see it transformed into a vibrant community art gallery. The Gallery is set be to open six days a week, starting at 12pm this Saturday 15th May and shall begin with an exhibition displaying the work of some local, Lenton artists.
Over the forthcoming weeks and months The Crocus Gallery hopes to see more artists submit their work for display and more members of the local community getting involved in the running of the project. They aim to be a space where artists and community groups can have meetings, workshops and other events. The gallery will appeal to anyone in Nottingham, from long term residents to students, and they hope our art reflects the diversity of the communities in the city.

To find out more visit their Facebook page.