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Local Artist Focus- Andy Peat

Andy Peat is a local artist that captures the natural beauty of his surroundings. A traditional on-site painter,  his studio is the great outdoors and the painting process becomes a great adventure camping out in the local countryside to capture his best work.

Andy’s speciality media is oil on canvas, the colours he uses and the detail in his pictures are magnificent.  Pictures include scenes from Sherwood Forest, Waterloo Crescent near the Forest Rec and Colwick.

 Artwork can be seen via exhibition on the following dates:

June 1st – 30th June 2010:   Exhibition at the Alley Cafe

July 16th – Aug 13th 2010:  Exhibition at the Hubb, Sherwood

Sherwood Oak Tree

View over Colwick

The Anemones

Waterloo Cresent