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Pop-Up Art

Apologies for the misleading headline, you won’t find any pop-up picturebooks here – at least, not to my knowledge! What you will find is details of a short lived pop-up exhibition that’s happening this weekend. Stop Robbing the Rich is an exhibition of contemporary and urban art happening in the Castle Bar, Nottingham. I can’t help but wonder if there’s a smattering of deliberate irony in the naming thereof – the Castle is, thanks to the cluster of nearby firms, an extremely lawyer-heavy pub; walk by there on a Friday evening and you’ll see what I mean.*

Anyhoo, regardless of whether event organisers eversosensibleart are being très drôle or nay, you will find there a collection of affordable contemporary and urban work. From their press release:

The show includes both emerging new talent and established working artists with commissions from Disney, Levis and the Prodigy allready under their belts, this diverse group are currently enjoying commercial worldwide success.
The age old features of the Castle Bar combined with the uninhibited raw style of the work on show makes for a dramatic and unusual setting.
All work is for sale at affordable prices starting from £10, proving that art is more affordable than you might think.
The preview goes ahead tonight,  7pm-10pm, with the exhibition then running Friday until Sunday, 12pm – 10pm. No website, but for more info, try emailing eversosensibleart
*NB, lest anyone think I’m having a dig at our legal friends, let me assure you nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone should know a lawyer, they can be extraordinarily useful…