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Guest blog: Reasons to believe

Copyright Gill Williamson

This is my final article as Creative Nottingham’s first guest blogger, so I’ll try and make this count and answer a few of the questions that have been put to me during my stint on the site.

Before I proceed though, I’d like to begin by saying a big thank you to the Creative Nottingham team – for the opportunity to ‘air’ my postgraduate project to the creative world – and also for their hard work in creating the excellent sounding board and resource that this site is fast becoming.

So, having stuck my head above the parapet and only being shot at a few times – (obviously, metaphorically speaking!) – I’ve enjoyed the experience – and greatly valued the views of everyone that has taken part – both in my brand voting session and through comments on my articles.

But hey, it’s not over just yet – and this time I want to invite you all to think a bit longer about the concept of a ‘Creative Revolution’, and to answer Susi’s question about how this might look and feel.

Most importantly how this is relevant to you? Otherwise, how can I possibly expect you to believe in anything?

You either do or you don’t

The brand for Nottingham does not intend to manipulate anyone – neither will it dictate. This is about Nottingham: a Creative Revolution – led by the ‘Republic of Nottingham’ – that’s YOU – a creative democracy. Its philosophies are about working together through a set of shared values and aspirations with the aim of harmony, prosperity and admiration.

My research has led me to conclude that our shared values are Inspiring, Creative and Connected. It’s about achieving something greater through the sum of all parts.

The Creative Revolution will overthrow the doubters and cynics by bringing Nottingham’s strengths to the fore and presenting the facts. There is an undercurrent of creative activity to be unleashed, and it’s up to you to help release it – the brand for Nottingham will holistically promote it – without you, the brand would not even exist.

This is a peaceful revolution – although no revolution is without conflict. Like every other revolution through history, it is about change – but this time it’s about a change in attitude. Our attitude towards the place we know as Nottingham.

Who are we?

We are Nottingham – and The Republic of Nottingham will have no fixed or political boundary. We are a concept – an idea, so its ‘elastic’ boundary will reach out to as far as it is believed in.

What are your reasons to believe?

In my last article I listed some of the key reasons we can believe in Nottingham. But what are your own reasons to believe in Nottingham? These could be contributions great or small. Maybe you’d like to share them with the Creative Nottingham audience. Remember, as the old saying goes – from acorns do oak trees grow – sometimes it’s the small things that make us big!

Waiting in the green room

Well come on – it had to be the green room! To be truthful the brand is in the dressing room, still preparing for its exit – with the MA Expo looming on the horizon there is still plenty of work to be done.

The image accompanying this article shows a small selection of photos I’ve taken in Nottingham through my research journey.

And finally

Nottingham Trent University is a brilliant example of the brand values in action – Inspiring, Creative and Connected – attracting students from around the globe. The city also has the highest graduate retention rate in the UK (Source: Nottingham Trent University, 2010). People stay in Nottingham for many different reasons, and maybe, sometimes it’s because they also believe.

The MA Exposition 2010 will be open to the public from Friday 16 July – Saturday 24 July 2010 (closed Sunday 18 July).

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