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Links Round-Up!

Ok, so it’s Friday, it’s a beautiful day, you want to be outside enjoying the sun but you’re stuck in the boring office doing boring work. Don’t worry, let Creative Nottingham lift your spirits with the promise of exciting things to come…

  • First and foremost, the Creative Nottingham Logo Competition closes today! So if you’ve been carefully arranging your design masterpiece, get it up on our Community site sharpish, or forever hold your peace. Keep watching this space for news on what happens next – with such an outpouring of creative excellence, it’s going to be tricky to come to any decisions, oh how will we decide…?
  • We’re coming round to that time of year again – it’s the degree showcases! The Nottingham Trent Photography Degree show is running as of Monday, 24th May, over at the Playhouse. If previous alumni are anything to go by, this should be a show of consistently high quality. More information available on the Nottingham Visual Art website.
  • A mail recently dropped into the Creative Nottingham inbox from local writer Nick Parkhouse. He’s just had his first book 101 Forgotten Pop Hits of the 1980s published, and naturally is having a wee celebration to commemorate. So, if you fancy hob-nobbing with the literati (not really, it’s going to be fun!), get down to the Golden Fleece on Mansfield Road, on the evening of Saturday 10th July. If that’s a bit far in the future for you, check out his blog instead…
  • Finally, the Sherwood artistic community are holding another of their fab Art Weeks, June 19th to June 26th. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, this is it in a nutshell:

“Last year we turned Mansfield Road into an art gallery for a week, this year we want to turn the whole of Sherwood into an art gallery” – Julian Phillips, Sherwood Art Week team

    So, shops, parks – whatever the venue may be, you can be assured of finding music, film, dance, readings, and over 60 art displays throughout the area. More info nearer the time, or check out the full listings on the website