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Sons of Cuba- Broadway Media Centre, June 3rd, 8.45pm

“beautifully structured story of sacrifice, companionship, grief and glory”- Time Out Magazine

Sons of Cuba, a film by Andrew Lang, is a behind the scenes insight into the Havana Boxing Academy. Unlimited access to film within a key institution in the Communist state has rarely been granted making this a must see piece! This documentary looks to be powerful, affecting and entertaining and reflects the grueling lifestyle and training of not only world class fighters but also of groomed symbols of Cuba. The boys have been dubbed by Fidel Castro as:

“The standard bearers of the revolution”

The legendary Havana Boxing Academy is a boarding school that handpicks 9year old boys and turns them into the best boxers in the world. This film explores how one tiny Caribbean island continues to dominate Olympic boxing by focusing on the roots of that success and follows three young hopefuls.

Co-producer Laura Giles, whose maternal family is from Nottingham and who studied at the university from 1994-1997 will be in attendance for Q&A after the showing. It will be a fantastic opportunity to meet one of the great creatives from Nottingham, and a chance to watch what is bound to be a highly moving and inspiring piece!

Sons of Cuba will be shown as a special film event with Q&A at the Broadway Media Centre on Thursday the 3rd June at 8.45 pm.