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Links Roundup: Summer Time, Time to Learn, Time to Act, Time to Enjoy

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from the flicker collection of Killbox

You Need to be Quick

Are you an artists or a designer trying to make a living from your work?  Have you considered exhibiting at a gallery.

  • Is it the most appropriate route for your work?
  • Have you considered the alternatives?
  • Do you know how galleries operate and what they are looking for?

Alysyn Midgelow-Marsden, from The Beetroot Tree Gallery, will be talking about how their gallery selects artists and works with them to maximise the returns for both parties.  Tonight (!) Tuesday, 8 June, 6.00 (free buffet) for 6.30 start, finish at 8.30.  Keeping with the arboreal theme, it is at the Monkey Tree bar/restaurant, (opposite the car park next to the Library) 70 Bridgford Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 6AP | T: 0115 981 1419

If, like me, you enjoyed the current special exhibitions at the Castle Museum and Art Gallery, you might want to go along Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 6.30 pm for the next in “Talking Around Collections”.   This one is a , “conversation between the artists’ collective MOOT and Lucy Byatt, Head of National Programmes at the Contemporary Art Society.”  I can’t find this on the Nottingham City website (is this me? or them?) but it is described on the Nottingham Visual Arts website (thanks).

You Have Time to Plan

On Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 10.30, Pete Davis from Storytellers of Nottingham is running a Performance Workshop: How to Perform your Writing at the Nottingham Writers’ Studio on Stoney Street in Nottingham.  It is open to non-members of the NWS who have a number of interesting events in their diary.

When you have out-performed yourself, it is a short walk to the Transition Market in nearby Sneinton, so you should get there before it finishes at 1pm.  If want to want to have a stall,  there is a contact number on their website.

Don’t let the time slip away

You have until 1 July, at 6pm no less, to get your entry in for the 2010 Open Show at the Surface Gallery which will take place from 20th July to 7th August.   The announcement makes it clear that the show

will be truly OPEN, completely inclusive, as we call out for submissions from painters, sculptors, film makers, performers, designers, photographers, writers, poets. If you have a piece of work that can be construed as Art then we will consider it.

Each submission costs  £7.50.  Surface Gallery goes on to say that

Successful applicants’ work will be displayed in our spacious city centre gallery space and the winning artist will be invited back for a two week curated solo show in 2011.

And finally….

If  you haven’t already voted in our Logo competition, why not do that now?  There are five designs and if you can’t make up your mind right away, several people, not all related to the designers, have added comments to the article which contains the poll.  My personal favourite has changed more than once, it is now….. no, you tell me. Vote!